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Think Vex

More Than Just a Tag Line. It's Who We Are.



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Why We Do What We Do

We embarked on this journey because we wanted to get answers to some very interesting and intriguing questions. Through our professional careers we saw first hand that companies were becoming extremely profitable yet also were seemingly becoming further and further out of touch with their employees. It was hard understanding why these corporations were having such a big problem relating to their workforce. The companies were operating well in most cases, even experiencing record cash flows, but their employees would still seek employment elsewhere. So we asked ourselves, why? Why were these people leaving the company or extremely unhappy?

As we sought to gain insight to these intriguing questions, it wasn’t long before we found the culprit. And that culprit was a reluctance to embrace a work culture in which employees were respected or developed. In almost every case, the employees were being paid to merely perform a repeated task with no challenging aspects or offered professional or personal development outside of their current roles. With this being a systemic wide problem occurring from big to small companies alike, we set out to “vex” these companies and their leaders so that they could discover and implement solutions to counteract this constantly growing problem.

We are proud to be thought leaders in this climate and hope to truly change and better companies so that they can promote a new, purposeful and fulfilled way to do business without sacrificing the happiness of their people.

Co-Founder & Principal Catalyst

Co-Founder & Principal Catalyst